15 Kids Room Ideas (Creative Design and Decor for Kids )

The design of children’s rooms should be considered from many aspects, taking into account the healthy growth of children, and also to cultivate children to develop the ability to live independently from an early age, so special attention should be paid to the color matching when decorating children’s rooms. In order to grow up in a comfortable environment from an early age. The following I will introduce to you that the design of children’s room is the difference between boy and girl, Ma Ma can not be ignored in the decoration.
For example, if you decorate this room is a boy’s bedroom, then you can have neutral or cold colors, such as apple green, navy blue, etc., and then you can also match the yellow, orange, etc., generally these colors are It is good for children’s brain development and thinking divergence, but also able to cultivate a lively, cheerful and positive personality.
If the girls’ bedroom is relatively soft in terms of color, it will be warmer to the opposite side. Most of them will be warm yellow and pink. Bedding and decorations will choose cute and more lines. Feminine, this spatial tone style is conducive to girls to cultivate a quiet and gentle personality.