20 Unique&Awesome Coffin Nails Ideas To Stand Out From The Crowd

I used to think that there are only two shapes (round or square) and two (short or long) in the nail world. In the past few years, with the high-heeled nails and the rise of almond nails, I actually realized that the nail art can be more diversify.
First, let’s take a moment to appreciate one of Instagramer’s favorite nails shape — coffin nails. Coffin nails are called coffin nails because they look like coffins….obviously. They are long and thin, with a straight point, they are a new nail shape, but since Kylie Jenner show her nails beauty on Instagram, it has killed the world. Scrolling through your Instagram – or just looking at the hands of any celebrity – you will see this trend officially touch the hands of your favorite celebrities. Especially, the pop stars. Basically, the coffin nails won’t disappear anytime soon. If you’ve been thinking about trying to nail a coffin, or just need some inspiration for the look of your next nail, just save the appearance of the following 20 stylish coffin nails ideas.
[Daily care after manicure]

  1. Don’t use nails to touch hard things, don’t use nails to open the caps. If you want to eat other nuts such as chestnut, find a boyfriend or a tool to help you.

  2. Do not take shower with too hot water withen six hours after manicure. When you take a hot bath, the nail polish may become soft. When the temperature drops, the nail polish will naturally harden.

  3. Try to use plastic gloves when doing housework, this can effectively avoid the wear of hands and nails.

  4. Nails need to breathe, so the time to keep nails is too good, I suggest to remove the nails for about 20 days.