27 popular Ash Blonde Balayage Hairstyles That Every Girl Worth to Try!

Because of the transformation of season, girls’ closet will always face a new reform. But it is not enough to just change the new clothes. Changing your hair style is also a important thing to make a new look, or just change a new hair color. Today I will share with you 27 beautiful shoulder length ash blonde balayage hairstyles that every girl worth to try! These hairstyles and haircuts are very popular in 2019!
After perming, the hair will have a very natural wave. It really looks very beautiful and nature. Just casually scattered on the shoulders, so nice. No matter a natural bangs or no bangs, both are ok. And the hair is also dyed with a cool ash blonde balayage color, or you can mixed with a little gray color, it looks really high fashion. After the hair is hot, it also brings a sense of fluffiness, so that the whole hairstyle is more light and full. So if you don’t have too much hair, you must try this kind of hairstyle.
Fluffy, light, curly hair, and a hint of air, such a shoulder curling hair is very suitable for girls with sparse hair. The bangs in front are very temperate air bangs, plus fluffy hair on both sides, very small face, full of personality and stylish. But it’s ok if you have much or less hair, soft or hard hair, or your skin is bright or dark? These are not the problems, you just need to put on such a hair style, you can feel the fluffy feeling after the fluffy hot shoulder curl. This is very helpful for increasing the amount of hair, with the bangs in the middle, it is temperament! Coupled with this cold color, it is more fashionable.