35 Creative and Easy DIY Oil Painting for Beginers

Oil painting is a kind of painting which is made on canvas linen, cardboard or wood board by mixing pigments with fast drying vegetable oil (linseed oil, poppy oil, walnut oil, etc.). The thinners used in painting are volatile turpentine and dry linseed oil.
The pigment attached to the picture has strong hardness, and can keep luster for a long time after the picture is dry. By virtue of the covering power and transparency of the pigment, the painted object can be fully displayed, with rich colors and strong three-dimensional texture. Oil painting is one of the main kinds of Western painting.
When we start to learn how to paint oil painting, we can choose to watch some teachers’ videos, watch them step by step and start to copy. We can also start to practice still life painting like learning sketch, and then start to learn to draw landscapes or portraits after a little foundation. But before painting, we should start to determine the painting theme and direction we need.