35 Tattoo Design Which Amazes You

Tattoo is a needle with ink into the bottom of the skin and the skin to create some patterns or words out. Tattooing is the product of the mutual combination of culture and belief, which makes many people love the beauty of pain and carve the tattoo on their body, so that they have a new hope, new sustentation and new start. With the popularity of tattoos, tattoos have become more and more a form of physical art. If you choose a tattoo, there are many factors to consider, and today we will provide some pictures for you to refer to the design of the tattoo.

Tattoo patterns can be divided into four categories: first, animals, such as elephant, tiger, leopard, dragon horse, deer, monkey; The second kind of patterns have moire, square, round, flowers and so on; The third is the writing category, there are dai buddhist mantra and sutras; Four is other classes, such as curves, lines, geometric shapes. The tattoo site is also varied, depending on personal preference, while the location of the tattoo also affects the size of the tattoo.

When you choose the type or part of the tattoo, I hope you can take a look at the following pictures for reference. At the same time what kind of tattoo suitable for their usual clothing collocation is also worth thinking about. The following pictures will give you a reference in terms of pattern design and clothing collocation. Take a look at the following 35 pictures to choose the suitable tattoo!