37 New And Exquisite Small Tattoos Need To See

Whether it’s text or design, tattoos are always designed to please yourself and others, no matter where your text is. Some people say that tattoos are symbols of beauty, mystery, sexuality and charm, perfect accessories for all kinds of fashion, and vivid manifestations of unique personality and self. More and more people like the beauty of pain and are willing to carve sexy on themselves.
After tattoos, you must take a bath every day, but when you wash, don’t rub the skin of the tattoo area vigorously, because the bath is to wash the exuded body fluid and residual ointment, but you should pay attention not to use irritating bath fluid, soap and other things, just gently wash with mild soap. In addition, the bath time should not be too long. You can take a shower, but you shouldn’t take a bath or swim. In the process of tattoo recovery, itching, peeling and forming a thin scab are normal phenomena, but do not grasp the tattoo with your hands, otherwise it will affect the color of the tattoo. If the skin recovers well, it will generally heal in about a week. In the future, the tattoo area should be consciously protected.