38 Warm Color Home Desorations Make Stylistic Life

Home decoration show the spirit of the place an excellent home decoration design works, it always has a special atmosphere, or to express a theme clearly. As for the home itself, the home space should show an atmosphere, or show a theme. Most home furnishings can’t reach it. And home accessories, it can do this, it has achieved the effect of creating a place spirit. The so-called place spirit is not a concept with space. Place spirit refers to the intention of a space.
There are different styles of home space. The reasonable selection and display of decoration have a very positive impact on the formation of home space style. Home decoration can adjust the color of home environment furniture can effectively adjust the color of home environment. Because in the home environment, furniture and decoration occupy a large area. In many spaces, furniture accounts for more than 40% of the total area. Curtains, bedspreads, decorative paintings and other decoration with color, in fact, for the whole room of the formation of color, played a role.
Home decoration show the owner’s choice of accessories, which is related to everyone’s living environment, personality and work experience, and is caused by many factors. For example, if someone is good at communication and has more contacts with leading cadres, such as hanging pictures of him and various leaders on the wall, it is also a kind of accessory, which fully expresses his personality.