62 Beautiful Ankle Tattoos You May Love to Try!

Tattoos are the perfect way to permanently mark your favourite fandom or musician, but they’re also a great replacement for jewellery. We’ve been obsessed with tattoos that are cute enough to replace earrings, and rings, and now we’re loving anklet tattoos. The designs range from tiny band like anklets, to bejewelled statements. Scroll through these anklet designs and find the perfect one that will have you wanting to to buy new sandals to show it off ASAP.
The increasing popularity of the foot tattoo is probably because it is a challenging one. It brings sweet pain with a massive adrenaline rush for tat lovers. Moreover, tattoos on the feet look beautiful and neat, if maintained properly. If you have been considering getting a foot tattoo done, weigh the pros and cons. Apart from the amazing gallery of tattoo pictures with some truly wonderful foot and ankle tattoo ideas, here’s some things you can keep in mind, while choosing a tattoo for yourself.