DIY decoration design for home life, creating a small apartment space pattern for you

“Mirror first” can be said to be the first step in the decoration of small-sized houses. “First of all, we must visually give people a sense of transparency. We can open up the bedroom, living room and bathroom to form a large space situation. Since the actual space comparison Small, we must try to make up for the visual defects through design, making it visually transparent, such as the wall connected to the living room and bedroom, using large-area glass, glass brick, or mirror to create virtual space effect.
“Liang is the medium” is the second step of small-sized decoration. Based on this principle, it can enhance the integrity of the space and the lighting effect, making the indoor space look bigger. Small units should pay attention to the choice of materials. They should choose transparent materials as much as possible to increase the permeability of the space. The floor of the living room and bedroom can be selected from the same material, with tile or laminate flooring, easy to care, and the price is not high.

“Do not avoid the ceiling, because the ceiling is used, on the one hand, the lighting effect will not be good, on the other hand it takes up space, it is not suitable for small units. In the choice of curtains, avoid using long and pleated floor curtains, this will only let The room looks crowded and dragged. The size of the curtain should be the same as the size of the window, neat and refreshing, and the color should be mainly light.”
“The bureau is the most important” is a key link in the decoration of small-sized houses. For the layout, it is required to have a hard or soft separation in the space of meeting, dining and sleeping, learning, etc., and the space for similar activities can be unified. Arrangement to separate active spaces of different or opposite nature.
For the decoration of the wall, the area of ​​the wall should be maximized without destroying the building structure of the house. Design some small alcove on the wall of the living room, and visually enlarge the space, you can also place decorations. The TV cabinet in the bedroom can be extended into the wall so that it does not occupy the narrow space.