Great Heavy Makeup Idea Images for 2020

Heavy makeup is visually pleasing and suitable. Focus on the most characteristic parts of the five senses. The overall makeup surface does not have to be many in color selection, but it can show a strong effect. Simply put, heavy makeup is a very public method of makeup, but it ’s a special feeling, not necessarily a lot of makeup, but it must be very obvious and conspicuous, such as bright red lips and a smoky makeup, it sounds very simple ,
The effect is very complicated and publicity, and some make-up, even if any details of the corners have been put on makeup, but still light makeup. Although the eyelash exaggeration methods are different, they all focus on the outer corners of the eyes, increasing the eyes and widening the distance between the eyes, making the model look childish, like a doll. This decorative effect has a strong effect, you can try it on weekends or fun occasions. One of the major features of heavy makeup is to highlight the structure.
The structure is a volume, protruding bright and sunken to create shadows. To make the flatter face look three-dimensional, look thinner, or make the volume of the bones look more or less outward, we have to create two more foundations on the basic skin tone foundation, one brighter and one darker. Apply a bright foundation on the brow arch, cheekbones, nasal bone, nasal bulb, chin bulb, and frontal mound. The dark foundation should follow the bright color. This is because sunlight or light is always above the face, while nasal and sacral shadows appear on the side.