In the cold winter, we need a warm and stylish down jacket!

The down jacket can also be stylish and beautiful while keeping warm! The most common down jacket is black, which is super resistant to dirt! White is also very classic, giving a gentle ladylike feel. You can also try down jackets of different materials such as velvet and corduroy, which have super texture. Let the original simple style have a different effect!
Down jackets are warmer than normal jackets, why? Because down is a good insulator and very fluffy, it can form thousands of tiny pores. These small holes can capture the heat in the air and retain it, so even if it is cold outside, your body temperature will not be emitted, but will be completely wrapped in down, which is equivalent to turning yourself into a “hot water bottle”. Plus the other advantage of down is that the elasticity is particularly good, there is no problem in how to press it, it can be wrapped and stuffed into a bag, and it will not reduce its warmth. So once winter is over, put your down jacket in a good place. Just take it out in the coming year, pat it loose, and you will be able to restore it immediately.