The most popular retro fashion corduroy this winter, let’s take a look!

This year’s corduroy has gotten rid of the “old fashioned” label. Corduroy is both warm and durable, but also retro. The unique fabric of corduroy has a slight sheen. Although it is not as noble and noble as velvet, it has another time-like texture. The lines of the corduroy fabric will change between light and dark under the light, so that the thick stripes are rougher and the fine stripes are more delicate.
Corduroy is a cotton fabric with cut and weft raised and a longitudinal fleece formed on the surface. Because the velvet strip resembles a strip of wicker cord, it is called corduroy. The corduroy has a thick texture and good warmth, and is suitable for making autumn and winter outerwear, shoes, hats, curtains, sofa fabrics and other decorative items. Woven double-weave weaving and then cut pile finishing, the fabric surface is wick-like fleece, also known as flannel fabric. The raw material of corduroy is mainly cotton, and it is also blended or interwoven with polyester, acrylic, spandex and other fibers. Because the surface of the corduroy forms a longitudinal pile, the pile is cut and wefted, and consists of two parts: a pile structure and a ground structure. After cutting, brushing, and other processing, the surface of the fabric appears like a wick-like ridge that is obviously raised, hence the name.