Today, I recommend some manicures for summer

In the season of this open-legged leg, how can the company of the nails be less. For the summer, the fresh colors will make the whole person more refreshing.
Yellow: A while ago [泫雅美甲] The fire is not good, this hot air is estimated to last until summer. A variety of funny and quirky patterns are combined to make a girl burst. The girlish style, which is mainly composed of yellow, is enthusiasm and cute, and the color is white. Green: Fresh and clean green nails should not be too beautiful. In the glare of summer, you need a touch of green to light your mood. Blue: The smoky blue that was popular in previous years is now also loved by beautiful girls. From autumn to winter to spring and summer, it looks very high and intellectual and elegant regardless of which season it is painted.
Pink: Many people have stepped on a lot of thunder on the pink manicure. They don’t dare to try without the delicate and white hands, but the crystal nails with less purity can avoid this thunder and give me mystery. The cat’s eye is nail art and looks very generous.