Young Single Apartment Design

Young people in big cities choose single apartment, the decoration is exquisite, and it will be very comfortable to live. Today, I will share with you the model room of a small apartment. First, let us look at the decoration of the living room and make a delicate desk. The partition between the living room and the study room is realized, which is very delicate and beautiful.
The living room study is very atmospheric, the grey bookshelf is very unique, and there is a clapboard design in the middle. Some decorations can be placed to make the living room look very stylish and three-dimensional. The spacious desk is made of tempered glass panels. A few comfortable chairs feel very fresh and stylish.
The design of the corridor is still exquisite. The wall has a pure white style, and the murals are decorated on it. Under the roof spotlights, it looks very stylish and beautiful. The kitchen and the corridor have a bar design. They are very stylish and stylish.
The kitchen in the model room is small, but it has an open design and is very spacious and comfortable. The outside is a bar design. The hanging cabinet can be placed with green plants to make the kitchen look fresh and vibrant. U-shaped, with a set of exquisite hanging cabinets, can also provide a great storage and storage capacity for the kitchen.
The glass wall is used to realize the partition of the bathroom space. It is very atmospheric and fashionable. The bathroom cabinet looks very atmospheric. The countertop runs through the bathroom. The color of the log is matched with a white sink. It is very delicate and fashionable. The storage space below is very rich. It can provide a great storage and storage capacity for the bathroom.